RATIng — A Mobile App That Allows Nigerians to Rate and Review Companies and Industries Within Nigeria

Elvis Obi
8 min readJan 14, 2021

About RATIng

RATIng as the name implies is an online platform that enables Nigerians to rate and review companies and industries within Nigeria. The app was a personal notion of mine, which I started its conceptualization on the 31st of December, 2020.

Nigeria, one of the fastest-growing civilization in West Africa, like any other country, is facing a common issue of poor customer relations between companies and their users. RATIng sees to solve this problem by providing through the use of accumulated data, and insights into companies in Nigeria, a metric system to which they’re kept on check. Think of it more like a Yelp for Nigerian businesses (Yelp is a foreign platform that rates and reviews companies through crowd-sourced reviews)

RATIng will operate on a five-star rating system, in which local businesses in Nigeria will be rated on the performance scale of a one-to-five through crowd-sourced ratings and reviews. The app will also serve as a social networking site; this is to allow authentic ratings and reviews from real people with social profiles on the platform.

Web-App Concept


The idea behind this app came to me when I figured Nigerians needed a metric system that will keep Nigerian businesses at operating standards. A lot of Nigerian companies, though great, fail at one thing; its relationship with its customers — a key factor to the success of any business.

Poor customer-relations have been an issue in Nigeria for years now, and this does not only affect the customers but also, the businesses who unintendedly practice this. RATIng sees to solve this by giving these businesses insights into how their companies and business processes are seen and perceived by the general public.

The Process

The steps involved in taking this concept from empathy through ideation and implementation will be explained visually and through words. This is to help breakdown the user interface, features, and…



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