The Long-Awaited Videogame, Cyberpunk 2077

Why it has gotten so many bad reviews from renowned critics

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Cyberpunk 2077 — Not So Much the “Future of Gaming” We Earlier Anticipated

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Cyberpunk 2077, another installation of an open-world RPG (Role-Playing Video Game) by CD Projekt, featuring the movie-star, Keanu Reeves, popularly known for his roles in the movie “Matrix” and the “John-Wick” series, has ever since its development-announcement by CD Projekt in 2011, gained popularity amongst the global gaming community; and as such, has been a highly anticipated game for years.

CD Projekt did quite a great job in their first open-world RPG game — The Witcher. Released in the early months of 2007 and was later adapted for TV by Netflix in the year 2019. The breakthrough they had with “The Witcher,” had made them a company of interest, not only by gamers but also, by critics and game reviewers alike.

Cyberpunk was a highly-anticipated game. One could say the most anticipated game of 2020. These high-expectations come with many downsides, being that it creates room for the best critics, and this is something that did not come to be in favour of CD Projekt, considering that many users reported several cases of glitches in the game after its release on December 10.

Cyberpunk 2077 — Was 2020 a Bad Year for “2077”?

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Before the release of the game, CD Projekt had collaborated with Twitter Gaming, to bring to its fans, an all-night exclusive gaming interactive session comprising of mini-in-between sessions like the “#AskADev” session. In which fans, would get the chance to ask some of the game developers about the specs and the processes involved in developing such a great game with highly sophisticated graphics.

The game itself had been announced three times this year and had in those three times, delayed. The first delay was in January, then in June, then again in November, before its final announcement on December 1, where CD Projekt announced on Twitter of the…



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